NFT Launchpad – A Comprehensive Guide for Optimizing NFT in 2022

When you come across the potential of NFT assets, you cannot divorce it from using NFT Launchpad. Similarly, some people confuse NFT launchpads with a typical NFT marketplace since one can sell, mint, and trade NFTs for both platforms. However, the use of NFT launchpads comes with its unique reasons.

These reasons are vital to the growth of the NFT industry, where the best assets are on display. You can consider this blockchain technology as a newbie for your next NFT project. At the same time, there are many reasons why NFT Launchpads are crucial to the entire industry.

This article discusses a comprehensive guide on best nft launchpad that presents all the factors to consider for your next NFT.

What is NFT Launchpads?

The NFT Launchpads are like a crowdfunding place that can promote high-quality NFT projects. It is the central point where entrepreneurs and digital startups showcase their projects to their target audience. In addition, a Launchpad enables artists, musicians, and game developers to promote their NFT artworks on the market.

An online marketplace such as the NFT Launchpads provides a community where it is easy to sell NFTs as new projects. When selling, the NFTs need to be sold at the least possible price, and where the early investors can get high returns on investments when the project sale eventually begins.

All investors, including retailers and institutional investors, can identify significant opportunities using an NFT Launchpad. Moreover, the project creators can get to the global audience to get the chance to secure all the needed funding.

Also, NFT Launchpads can help creators and stakeholders thrive through the ecosystem. In addition, it protects potential investors from scams and illegal deals. It also helps to maintain a stable agreement with NFT assets.

Projects on the NFT Launchpad in 2022

Many NFT projects have become successful by getting off on the NFT Launchpad. In other words, these projects would not have succeeded without having the platform for the right assets to thrive. The features of NFT launchpads enhance the value of NFT assets in the community. 

Some examples include Legends of Elumia, Axie Infinity, and STEPN, once small projects that use Launchpads. Also, they get to boost all the terms of marketing and funding of the project. Below are some typical platforms that have recorded tremendous success in this regard. 

Top recommended NFT Launchpads 


The NFTb Launchpad is the right platform where new creators can post and display their artwork and other assets. But, for instance, it may be NFT games, trading cards, and other digital collectibles that need to be put forward in the marketplace. 

The platform creates an avenue to connect with the audience, the end-users, and the potential investors. By choosing NFTb labs, this Launchpad can partner and invest in worthy NFt projects that impress the most. So far, this Launchpad has successfully raised over 6-figure funds for new NFT creators. We can also expect more success as more startups jump on the platform.


Another interesting NFT Launchpad to consider for a new project is the NFTPad. This platform is suitable for different blockchain games, Defi, and artwork. The primary goal of NFTPad is to support the growth of the industry to create a sustainable platform that is also secure. 

In addition, NFTPad recently introduced strict rules that enable Safeguarded Launch Protocol with minimum liquidity and strict compliance. Also, it allows a vesting schedule with an initial roadmap for success. However, the journey begins with a credible proposal and structure. 

Meanwhile, the digital artist becomes a part of a thriving community having the best of the team’s abilities and his unique qualities too. They also boast of a DAO in place that can make massive profits. This decision can affect the survival of the asset in a way that profits the investors. 


The NFTLaunch is another platform with a proven performance record through the BSCPad and TRONPad. The names already suggested these platforms; the first one was about Binance Smart Coin, and the other holds TRON coin. 

Meanwhile, this platform is known for a more rigid or conservative approach to running the Launchpad. They possess an incubator program that oversees the legal terms, token audit, tokenomics, marketing, and networking within the industry. 

A possible downside is a high barrier to entry. Still, once that is successful, new projects come with overall higher quality than the rest of the competition in the market.

GameFi Launchpads

When on the GameFi Launchpad, the creator can place the project on an initial game offering (IGO) Launchpad. There are two popular IGOs in the market: Game starter and Enjin Starter. These platforms give holistic user support for launching new blockchain games.

In addition, it allows for the launch of the dedicated token with an in-house NFT marketplace. Also, the method is accompanied by liquidity and investor protection. Both of these assets have native tokens that can fuel the growth of their respective ecosystems. 

Honorable mentions

Apart from the vast NFT Launchpads mentioned above, we cannot bust mention some good platforms on this list. Some crypto exchange platforms host an NFT Launchpad outside of the regular collection. Examples include the KuCoin, Binance, and Coinbase. Moreover, these marketplaces are yet victorious in their own right. 

These platforms’ success can be seen in the Initial exchange offerings (IEO) and Initial Decentralized Exchange Offerings (IDO). Also, having a robust platform is an advantage that aids global exposure and can enhance the conversion to profits. 


In conclusion, launching a new project on an NFT Launchpad provides an initial boost for marketing and acceptability. It also increases the chance of the project standing out among others in the market. However, many NFT launchpads are accompanied by a rigorous selection process that may end up listing only the best. 

Therefore, the art creator must be ready to create a credible asset with enough unique attributes to make it stand out in the crypto market. Then, finally, build a good proposal when launching on the Launchpad so that investors can find it worthwhile for their hard-earned money. 

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